Export data to pdf file


i wonder if it's possible to save data typed from a modal to a pdf file ? i did something similar with .csv file.
i have searched a lot about pdf in node-red but nothing is clear yet.



You can't do this direct but you can do it indirectly as long as you have a command-line file converter installed. Save the file as CSV and then add an exec node to run the conversion. You may need a slight delay before running the exec depending on the size of the file.

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Search on flows.nodered.org I see there is an html to pdf convertor node, so that might be helpful. Though I see it has not been updated for a while.

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@hathemi, it seems to me that you have posted before on this general topic. I suggest you review the replies you received at How can i append to PDF file in Node-Red? and Store data in pdf file. You may have exhausted all the help this group can offer.

My final suggestion is that you find a file translator or pipeline of translators that does the job for you and invoke it from an exec node. You can test it from the command line first. File permissions aside, anything you can do from the command line you can do from inside node-RED. (Apologies to @TotallyInformation. I posted before reading his comment.)