Store data in pdf file


what i'am trying to do is to store data from a modal/form to pdf file. the problem is pdf only store the last insert. i only have one line in my file. i think the output 'file' of HTML-PDF node generate a new file every time i insert new line.
any suggestion will be helpfull.
And Thank you.


How can i append to PDF file in Node-Red?
Export data to pdf file

Have enabled Append in the File node?

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yes i have enabled append in the file and check \n option. but i always find one line.



Isn't this a repeat of your other question?

That thread is waiting for you to export your flow and post it.



actually yes. but I think I did not well formulate that question. sorry for the conflict.



PDF is not a format for storing data, it is a format for archival output of documents.

It is a complex format very unsuited to having data appended to it.

Use CSV for a simple format. OR SQLite for something with a bit more structure.

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