Express deprecated res.status("200") - Should not be String in Response Node at Status Code Prop

Same as : Strange log line

From time to time I get the Warnung :
express deprecated res.status("200"): use res.status(200) instead at

It comes from the http Response Node :

I set there a Status Code (without quotation) but in the flows.json is it store as a String:


NodeRed 3.0.2
Node: 19.2.0

Does it happen if you use a supported version of nodejs - 14, 16, or 18?

Node-RED is currently only tested (automation tests) against Node JS 14 and 16.

So I would personally not use NodeJS 18 unless you have a specific requirement.


This is ExpressJS not Node.js - string status codes have been deprecated for a while. They should be an integer.

This page says that 18 is supported, with 16 recommended. That does not necessarily conflict with your statement I know.

As @TotallyInformation says, this is related to express, the version of node.js is not relevant.

@MeGusta can you raise an issue? We really should be ensuring this is a number to avoid the warning message.

It's a known issue and will be fixed in the next release:

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