Failed to load page using uibuilder due to Maximum call stack size exceeded

Has anyone else experienced an issue today with loading pages when using uibuilder?

I have 3x Windows 10 machines that all did a scheduled update today, after which I could not load pages on Chrome. Since then I have done some testing with the following results:

Win 10 Chrome - does not work
Win 10 Edge - does not work

Win 10 Mozilla - works
Android Mobile - works
Chromium Pi - works

I have done quite a few things including deleting the node_modules folder followed by npm install and a rebuild of the project in VSC, but the issue persists.

I'm running
uibuilder 5.1.1
node-red 3.0.0
chrome is on v104.0.5112.81 (Official Build)
mozilla is on v103.0.1
windows 10 is on 10.0.19044

The error in the console is this:

I hadn't changed any code or rebuilt the project since last night when it was working fine and it is still working, just not on Chrome and Edge.

EDIT: I even upgraded one of the devices to Win 11 to see if the problem would go away, but it didn't.

Force a clear of the browser cache using the menus (don't rely on just key combinations).

Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn't work.

I have been doing "empty cache and hard reload" all day long, but out of desperation did a complete clear down of all Chrome data, to no avail.

This issue is a really annoying one. Not sure where to turn next.

Did you also clear the npm cache and delete the package-lock.json file before reinstalling as previously suggested?

In addition, update NR to 3.0.2

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I didn't come up with a fix, instead I changed my compiler from Parcel to Vite and the pages load now.

However, it is not an easy migration as there are a number of differences in how Parcel and Vite work. These require quite a bit of research to workaround. I still have a few on my list to deal with tomorrow e.g. pages that don't format correctly.

If anyone is going to make the move across, I'd suggest you clear up a long afternoon/evening to get through it, depending on the size of your project!

PS: I am going to work off the assumption that the Windows Update coincidentally happened at the same time as the Chrome update, and that ultimately it was a browser driven issue. I can't account for the pages not working in Edge, however I don't use Edge, so maybe they never worked in Edge.

Edge uses the same rendering and javascript engines as Chrome with a different skin.

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