Failing to install an updated node

I am trying to update a node of mine to the latest version: node-red-contrib-squidtester (node) - Node-RED

I am now on .13 and want it to become .14. Somehow the palette manager does not come up with an update notification so I am trying to update manually:

From inside my ~/.node-red raspberry pi folder I first do a

npm list to confirm my version is indeed .13:

node-red-project@0.0.1 /home/pi/.node-red
├─┬ node-red-contrib-squidtester@0.0.13
│ ├─┬ js-yaml@4.0.0
│ │ └── argparse@2.0.1
│ └─┬ pretty-ms@7.0.1
│   └── parse-ms@2.1.0

Now I enter npm update node-red-contrib-squidtester. After the enter it just returns to my prompt without any feedback. But the version is still .13.

If I do npm show node-red-contrib-squidtester I get:

node-red-contrib-squidtester@0.0.14 | MIT | deps: 2 | versions: 12

keywords: node-red, squid

So it seems it is able to find a .14 version. But I don't get why I can't update.
Any suggestions appreciated !

I see you only published .14 a short time ago - there is a delay before the catalog used by the palette manager is updated. That said, I can see the catalog does now list the .14 version.

npm update will update to the latest version of the module that is permitted by its entry in your package.json file. That doesn't necessarily mean it will update it to the latest version available generally.

You can run npm install node-red-contrib-squidtester to install the latest available version.

I actually did also try and run npm install node-red-contrib-squidtester, but without success. I can see there might be a delay between what shows on and what I can actually install. Maybe some caching thingy. But I was wondering whether I could "force" an install. But I guess not.

ps. it is updated now.

Thanks !

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