Failure to install node-red-contrib-ftp-sftp(-hubone) via Palette Mgr or npm

Tried to install different versions of sftp in node-red on Windows 10 computer application to test which is better for my application and node-red-contrib-ftp-sftp failed, also -hubone version, although both use same npm install text, plus -you-ftp-sftp also failed. Was able to install -sftco, -sftp, -betterplus-sftp and -ftp without issues. I installed newer version of node to see if would fix the problem, but log only shows different failure. Prior to node upgrade, failed installs all show similar logs; this line is start of failure:
verbose shrinkwrap failed to load package-lock.json JSONParseError: Unexpected token "{" (0x7B) in JSON at position 29795 while parsing near "... }\n },\n\t{\n \t"requires": tru..."
After upgrade, get the following:
error errno -4058
165 error enoent An unknown git error occurred
166 error enoent This is related to npm not being able to find a file.
Sorry,but as new user, can't upload full logfiles!
Thanks for any help you can offer.

Welcome to the forum @jbdconsult

Difficult to be certain without more information, but that could mean that the node needs git to be installed, so I suggest installing that and trying again.

However, I have not found any ftp nodes that work well, so I use an Exec node calling a system command to do what I need.

Thanks for the input. I managed to make work what I needed with a different sftp install, so no need to pursue my problem with installation. It appears most of the sftp nodes require you to use the author's directory-name to pass a path/file into the local/remote directories - this not intuitive. For example, had to replace msg.payload with msg.remoteFilePath, which I had to extract from the executable json. Pity the authors don't include notes or examples to cover this!
I had not considered using Exec, but will look at it for future uses. Thanks again.

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