Npm install node-red-contrib-fs-ops not installed

hi all, I'm trying to install a node using the npm command from the terminal, using the following command
"npm install node-red-contrib-fs-ops".

The command doesn't give me any problems but when I go to look for the node in node red I can't find it.

how can I solve this problem?

You need to reboot Node-RED manually

i'm try using command node-red-reboot and reboot my raspberry but not working :smiling_face_with_tear:

stop node-red, start node-red, refresh browser.

If you dont know how, then reboot your PI

i'm using command node-red-reboot node-red-stop node-red-start and restart phisically PI but not working. :sob:

Did you run the command (npm install...) in the .node-red folder?

cd .node-red
npm i node-red-contrib-fs-ops

If you open the package.json file in the .node-red folder, do you see this line "node-red-contrib-fs-ops"?

Firstly, what version of node-red and nodejs are you using (use node -v for the nodejs version).

Go into your .node-red folder (that is important) and run
npm remove node-red-contrib-fs-ops
npm install node-red-contrib-fs-ops
and copy/paste here (not screenshot) the output you see.

yes, i install inside .node-red and yes the component inside to package.json

Steve already said it but don't forget to refresh your browser after restarting node-red.

Can I ask what node-red-contrib-fs-ops gives you that the exec node doesn't?

I resolve formatting my raspberry thanks for all! :smiley:

I find fs-ops is well written for single and multiple operations. It gives the user typedInputs for where inputs go in & results go out making it very easy to chain together (in series) operations on multiple files. Under the hood it uses node fs and doesnt spawn any execs.

That is a pity. Now you won't know how to fix it the next time you have a similar problem.

in the end you just need to back up your .json work projects and you can format it without problems

What has that got to do with understanding what the problem was?

ok i figured out where is the problem i was running node red as user, in my case giacomo so i don't have root permissions.
sorry for the inconvenience

You don't need, and should not have, root permissions to install nodes.

I need it because in are writing and reading nodes

What hardware and OS are you running on?

OS is raspbian