Fake machine for movie prop

I am building a fake machine for a student film. I am building it with a RPi Zero W.

It has:
-Servo Motor Hat
-PiSugar Battery Hat
-Six character TM1637 LED Display
-Two SG90 servo motors
-One SK6812 RGBW light strip that only needs about 10 LEDs to light up
-Momentary power button

What I need:
-Power button to turn it on and off
-LED Display to show a preprogrammed time of day and then run time normally
-LED lights to light white or any color of choice
-Servo motors to rotate smoothly between two set angles, continually at random speeds.
-The Pi Zero to act as an access point to be able to get to NodeRed without needing a router.

I am sure there are more questions to answer. I have a NodeRed project already in the works. Can't get the TM1637 display to work because it might need python libraries to do so?. I can't get the LED lights to work either because can't get a Pimoroni library to install on my PiZero to get Neopixel Node working which I seem to need to get a RGBW light strip to work.

In short, I have a partial proof of concept. Need someone with more experience than me to help me build the NodeRed implementation to operate the fake machine. Anybody interested?.

Hi @patofoto,

I started to reply to your other post about installing the Unicorn Hat, but gave up because I couldn't find the name of the unicorn hat library..

Essentially the installation method for the python 3 library used by the unicorn has switched from pip3 to apt

One work-around is supposed to be to use RPiOS Legacy to get the old behaviour, but since you are on a Pi Zero I imagine you already use Legacy OS. Nevertheless, an older version may work.

I came across the same problem recently with Blinkt on a Pi Zero 2, fixed it with sudo apt install python3-blinkt and commenting out a single line of the Blinkt installation script.
Unfortunately sudo apt install python3-unicornhat doesn't work for me (on the latest OS, Pi Zero2)

How long does this system have to keep running on the battery? - Is a Zero 2 an option?

Feel free to mail me to discuss ideas - or else just use the forum.

Do you have a link to the RGBW light strip details?