Unable to install library

Assuming this is a nubie question.

Trying to install the Unicorn-hat Python library on a RPi Zero W with:

curl -sS https://get.pimoroni.com/unicornhat | bash

Getting this message:

This script will install everything needed to use
Unicorn HAT/pHAT

Always be careful when running scripts and commands copied
from the internet. Ensure they are from a trusted source.

This script should -- only be run on a Raspberry Pi with RPi OS --
other systems and SBCs are not supported and may explode!

If you want to see what this script does before running it,
you should run: 'curl https://get.pimoroni.com/unicornhat'

Do you wish to continue? [y/N] y

Checking environment...
Updating apt indexes...
...W: http://raspbian.raspberrypi.com/raspbian/dists/bookworm/InRelease: Key is stored in legacy trusted.gpg keyring (/etc/apt/trusted.gpg), see the DEPRECATION section in apt-key(8) for details.
Checking hardware requirements...

Checking for packages required for GPIO control...
raspi-gpio is already installed
.....................RPi.GPIO installed and up-to-date

Unicorn HAT/pHAT comes with examples and documentation that you may wish to install.
Performing a full install will ensure those resources are installed,
along with all required dependencies. It may however take a while!

Do you wish to perform a full install? [y/N] y

Checking for dependencies...
python3-dev is already installed

Installing Unicorn HAT/pHAT library for Python 3...

error: externally-managed-environment

× This environment is externally managed
╰─> To install Python packages system-wide, try apt install
    python3-xyz, where xyz is the package you are trying to

    If you wish to install a non-Debian-packaged Python package,
    create a virtual environment using python3 -m venv path/to/venv.
    Then use path/to/venv/bin/python and path/to/venv/bin/pip. Make
    sure you have python3-full installed.

    For more information visit http://rptl.io/venv

note: If you believe this is a mistake, please contact your Python installation or OS distribution provider. You can override this, at the risk of breaking your Python installation or OS, by passing --break-system-packages.
hint: See PEP 668 for the detailed specification.
Python 3 library install failed!
If problems persist, visit forums.pimoroni.com for support

Trying to control a RGBW light strip for a project. A SK6812 RGBW LED.

Not sure what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.

Doesn't look a Node-red problem or related question.
Please try the Unicornhat forum

Yup, are trying there too. Don't seem to get an answer there and was hoping for help here. It is not a Node Red problem, I understand. It seems to be a Raspberry Pi OS install problem. I am trying to install that library to be able to use the Neopixel node in one of my flows.

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