[FAQ] Video in dashboard - decision tree

Hi folks,

Lots of users are struggling to create a Node-RED flow to show video (e.g. from a camera) in their dashboard. Indeed there is not a single solution that fits all use cases. So I tried to create a decision tree to assist those users:

Below you can find links to the four solutions:

  1. Create a Node-RED flow that exposes the video stream via the node-red-contrib-http-proxy node: example

  2. Create a Node-RED flow without any image processing or decoding/encoding nodes:

  3. Create a Node-RED flow that decodes the video stream, does some image processing, and afterwards encodes a new video stream again: example which demonstrates MJPEG --> JPEGs --> MJPEG, but other kinds of stream (e.g. RTSP) are possible.

  4. Just push images into the input of the template node: example

If anybody has other good solutions, please share them (and I will update my decision tree).



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