How to display the video stream from OpenVINO?

I plan to use OpenVINO for object detection with a USB camera. And also want to display the video stream on the NodeRED dashboard. But I really don't know how to achieve this. Does anyone can give me an idea or hint about it?

Does that make sense to let the NodeRED dashboard consumes video from an inference engine? What option of protocol for video stream on the NodeRED dashboard? RTSP?

Any help or comment will be appreciated.

A lot has been discussed around this topic already on this board but it is a bit difficult to find things since the board is missing a finer granularity of categories it really needs

You have the search function and can try to search for the excellent nodes developed and shared by @kevinGodell

Try this thread for an example

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In addition, this link might be helpful as well if your camera can provide a mjpeg stream

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