[Feature Request] Node Status translation context

Hi all,
I'm trying to use translation with context on a node's status. Due to the fact that RED._('translate-text', context) is getting evaluated in backend without information about the clients languages, the translate-text is sent to the frontend for translation (like described in "creating-nodes" documentation).

Unfortunately, with this implementation, we lose the ability to pass context information. Would it be possible to adjust status object and this code to allow parsing translation context?

I would suggest something like this:

// node implementation
    fill: "green",
    shape: "dot",
    text: "node-red:common.status.connected",
    translationContext: {
        time: (new Date()).toLocaleTimeString()
// @node-red editor-client red.js
RED.comms.subscribe("status/#", function (topic, msg) {
    var parts = topic.split("/");
    var node = RED.nodes.node(parts[1]);
    if (node) {
        if (msg.hasOwnProperty("text") && msg.text !== null && /^[@a-zA-Z]/.test(msg.text)) {
            // change here
            msg.text = node._(msg.text.toString(), { ...msg.translationContext, defaultValue: msg.text.toString() });
        node.status = msg;
        node.dirtyStatus = true;
        node.dirty = true;

This solution would also solve an existing request.

Thanks in advance!

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