Feature request - selecting GUI group

When you put a GUI node and have to select which group it is in:
It is not easy to enter the group name. Rather you have to scroll through a list.

It would be nicer if you could SEARCH for the name of he group into which you want to put the node.

(I would include a picture but I don't have a way to take a screen shot with menus active.)

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How many groups have you got?

quite a few.

It is painful going through the list.

This is an example.


Just tell me how many. You can see them all in the config nodes side panel.

Um where is the number?

All I see is a list.

It is big/long and I too don't really want to have to put a SPECIFIC number on them.

How about:

more than 50


(Probably more than 200 actually)

Wow! More than 200 groups. I think my most complex dashboard has about 6.

I can't download your video, it says I need to install an extension to Chrome to download it.

Actually this is part of the dashboard nodes - and as such is no longer under active development - so unless someone wants to jump in and enhance with a pull request, it is unlikely to happen.

I too have 140 groups ! all groups are made since dashboard widgets keep moving if i change the screen from which i am viewing, (i have one small screen on desk and a large TV screen where i display. there may be a better way, but i have invested so much time in developing this, i am liking it a lot not to change anything. it would really be nice if i could 'search' as you said, currently i quickly type [ followed by first letter of group to go there fast.

just curious, if i understood the statement correctly, do you mean you cannot take screenshot like this ?



I raised this some time ago.....

Hi Colin.

I recorded the clip with a program and it plays in VLC.
The extension was .movie (yeah: cringe) and I changed it to .mp4.

I haven't read any of the other replies yet.

I'm taking it you are using windoze.?

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