FR: Sort Group selection drop down list

Not sure if this has been mentioned, I couldn't see anything. But it cannot just be me that finds this a pain?

As my project has grown this list is getting longer and longer. If I add a new group then I know I can find it at the bottom of the list.

But often I'm changing existing groups to add another button etc. So I have to scroll all the list up and down to find the correct group.

Which list of groups do you mean?

Is this referring to groups (the core Node-RED feature that groups nodes in the editor), or are you referring to node-red-dashboard groups?

I mean selecting a dashboard group from the dropdown, eg in button config etc.

This list -

This is a dashboard node not core I'm afraid.

I'll move and tag the post so it gets the proper attention.

That said, the config node selection UI is provided by the core and has been in long need of an update to make it more useful.

What he said :wink:


Indeed - nothing the dashboard can do to influence that order as it's built up by the core config panel code... moving back...

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Doh. Of course.

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