[Feature Request] Support for Iconify icon framework

Could you add support for Iconify icon framework to node-red-dashboard? Currently supported Material Design, Font Awesome 4.7 and Weather icons are quite limited, especially for smart home environment.


Some nice icons in there. I always found fa 4.7 a bit lacking - don't get me wrong, fa has loads of good stuff but never the one I want. :thinking:

To be honest, since you only ever generally need a few icons, i always grab the SVG versions and only include those that I need. No need to have a full library.

How do you use arbitrary / custom icons inside dashboard widgets?

You can do that through CSS or a ui_template. You can put static files in the static folder that you can define in the settings.js file.

ok, ui_template I know, but I thought about a possibility for the standard widgets, e.g. the button widget.

Try using CSS, you can add backgrounds to elements.

All the current ones are part of the dist so will work offline. We can’t add everything.

I used the discription from Paul-Reed about installing weather icons to add icofont to my NR installation.
Read it, maybe it helps you going.

I've had a poke at this - and it sort of can work - but there doesn't seem to be a nice simple way to change thing like size, and the default seems too small to be useful. (Unlike fa etc where you can just add fa-3x etc)

It could be made a fixed larger size but then we start to get alignment problems.
(also for some reason when used with switch it isn't dynamic so only the colour changes.)

How did you do this? I was able to integrate Iconify icons on my own into a ui_template widget, but also had problems with dynamic behavior depending on msg.payload for instance.

well I hacked the source of course :slight_smile: - I still used a template to load the .js file into head - but hacked the source allow the use of iconify- as a keyword to prefix the name of the icon so iconify-mdi:fan etc

PS - you can already (sort of similar to link to Pauls method above) - download the https://icofont.com/how-to-use file locally if you like and once added to head via a template - use that by the prefix icofont-

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