Feature suggestion for dashboard. New widget

Yes, the dashboard has some great things and with the library there are even more great widgets to use.

Widgets as in things to add to the GUI to make it look nicer.

A scroll wheel.

When the mouse is over/on the widget the scroll wheel on the mouse changes the value.

I know there may be a conflict with scrolling the screen and stuff like that.

But if it hasn't been considered before, this is my submission for the idea.

err - the slider already does that...


Honestly, I have never done that.
I click and slide the slider. Never thought of doing it that way.

But I think a wheel would look nice to represent that input device rather than a slider.
Maybe have it as an option of how a slider looks: the slider or a wheel.
Also the wheel would allow wrapping so once you get to the max, if you keep scrolling in the same direction it will wrap to the min value.

Sorry, I'll shut up now.

Well - ui widgets can now be written and published by people if they so wish to contribute.

I think that expectation is way beyond my skill set.

I just submitted the idea because I didn't know you could use the scroll wheel on the slider.

No problem - and we can leave it here if someone wishes to pick it up.

(Do I need to close this then?)

Just mark one post as solution, then it closes in 2 weeks, otherwise in a month.

But that would imply it has been resolved.

(I'll stick it here because it is kind of related)

IF you (who ever) are interested in exploring this idea: another one which would be neat is......

A knob

That you turn. Not so much like the old variable resistors but more like a rotary encoder that turns forever.

It (both) would simply send one of two messages. For example: up and down.
That could be set in the node. (Maybe topic too)

but you just keep turning the wheel (original one) or knob (the second idea) and it just keeps spitting out the payload indicating the direction.

The left and right arrow keys can also be used to control the slider.

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Like these?

As for the wheel, I always had something like the "good old" date/time selection wheels from older Android versions in mind.


You could roll them up and down with a swipe quite easy and select the value. Would make a good alternative for the slider, since more users seem to use the Dashboards with a touchscreen (myself included :innocent:).
I had some hopes to find such a component in Angular Material (which Dashboard is based on), but couldn't find any. :roll_eyes:



I shall look into them more.

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