Feedparser: Allow float values for interval


Some RSS feeds load with lots of interesting documents faster than every minute, for example https://reddit.com/r/all/comments/.rss

There doesn't seem to be any reason that the minutes-interval at which the Feedparser updates be restricted to integers.

I think only a change in the interval calculation and form validator is enough to add this feature, I made a fork of the node-red-nodes repository with the differences I think are needed here: https://github.com/node-red/node-red-nodes/compare/master...robertsimione:rssfeedparser-float-intervals

I do not know how to install the repo manually locally in order to test if this makes the necessary changes.



You can use npm pack command locally to create a tgz file that you can then install with npm i your-package.tgz



You can also just create a symbolic link (or soft link) inside your ~/.node-red/node_modules/ directory to wherever you are editing the forked code. This way, you can make changes to the module, restart node-red, reload the browser, and see the changes immediately -- no npm packaging needed.



The changes look fine to me (without testing of course :-)... so once you have tested then a Pull Request would be good.