Figma in UIBuilder with this github project?

I stumbled on this Vue - Figma bridge:

And wondered if/how it could be implemented into UIBuilder.

Something like this could help, what do you think @TotallyInformation ?

At first sight, it looks as though it should be possible. Initial setup might be a bit fiddly but once you have the hang of it, it should be easy enough.

You will need to install figma-low-code into your uibuilder instance root folder I think. You will want a package.json file in that root folder.

I think though that you will probably need to also set up webpack or some other build process. You should arrange to have your source files in root/src and the built files in root/dist. Make sure you end up with an index.html in the dist folder otherwise uibuilder will continue to serve the one in the src folder.

Thank you very much.
I may try but my time and knowldege here is limited.
I'll accept it as solution.
If someone implement it, would you be kind to drop a line here?

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