File In Node Error Deprecated


For the first time I am adding some file manipulation capabilities to one of my flows. I noticed that error notification for the File In node has been deprecated. The information about the node states to use the Catch node.

An option still exists in the node to send a message on error (legacy mode). As this is deprecated how long will this option be available? I don't wish to use it if it will be going away soon.

In its current form, if the File In node encounters an error processing stops.

IMHO, the elimination of this creates more difficult error handling. In the deprecated mode I can use a switch node and take appropriate action based upon the result. To me this is very easy, straight forward, and it is easier for me to control the flow.

Am I missing something?





The file node won't loose it's deprecated behaviour this side of version 1.0, but it will be the sort of thing that could get cleaned up in the eventual 1.0 release.

As the node help says, the Catch node is the standard way of handling errors and you can use it to achieve the same effect as you describe using the Switch node.

It removes the need to put a switch node in front of every node that might log an error... Something that would otherwise clutter a flow.

Add a Catch node, get it to target just your file node and then create whatever flow you want from there to handle the error... just as if it was coming from the 'error' output of your Switch node.