Email in node error handling

Good Day,
I am using the email-in node to monitor an email mailbox. I wanted to add error handling if this node was in error state.

See the below screen shot. I have the email node selected for the catch node. But when I intentionally put the email node in error state by entering bogus connection settings, there is no output on the catch node.

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Additional questions: If a node is in error like in the screenshot, does the rest of the flow continue to work or does it all halt?

This device is on a bit of a flakey internet connection and I believe the email-in node is sometimes timing out. And I was trying to catch those errors.

That is a rather special case, as the error may happen before the catch node is even fully running. Can you catch it if you allow it to connect and then pull the ethernet cable (or equivalent) so that it fails at that point?

Good point. I disconnected the internet but it still acts the same.
It was fetching properly before I pulled the cable.
It said "connecting...." for a number of seconds, then switched to "connect error"
But still no output from the catch node.

In that case possibly the best solution is to use a Status node and interpret that.

Fair enough and that actually might work better. I don't remember utilizing the Status node before.

Back the catch node....Is there something fundamental that I am missing why it wouldn't work? or is it an issue with the node? Just trying to learning all I can :slight_smile:

I can't test it myself at the moment, perhaps someone else can.

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