How should catch send mail?

I use the email node to send mail, in case I have not entered information for this mail node, the sending mail will fail.

I wanted to handle this error so I used the catch node, I initialize the default isSendMail variable to true, if there is a send mail error that catch changes the value to false.

Since I have a lot of mails, I finished sending it before I output the final results.
But do not understand why time catch the send mail error occurs after the end of the send mail loop?
I think when there is an error that has not entered information for the mail node, the catch time must happen first, right?
※I used the delay node before the email node but the result still hasn't changed

Anyone with experience in handling send mail please advise me how well in this case.

Why is the sending failing? If it is because, for example, the server is not accessible, it probably waits for 20 seconds before giving up and signalling the error.

By the way, rather than using a loop, split the array (if it is an array) into a sequence of messages and pass them on to the email node. You may be able to use a Split node to do that.

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Suppose send mail error in case of not input email information and password of sender in mail node

Can this be determined using the status node?
Is it possible to use the status node to determine if an email was sent successfully or failed?
Looking forward to instructions. Thanks!

Can what be determined with a status node? The fact that it has failed cannot be known until it has failed, which takes time if there is a network problem.

So in case of using the mail node, it is okay to only handle the error of not entering the user + pass information of the sender?

Sorry, I don't understand the question.

In case of using the mail node, only handle errors not input information such as the sender's user, password, right?

Sorry, I still don't understand the question.

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