Monitoring Email Connection Status

Hi there,

I need to find a way to monitor the email in node (from node-red-node-email) to see if the node is still connected or having connection problems and if it is disconnected, to send me an alert.

One of the problems I am having is that it can't just send me an alert if it has trouble connecting one time but is fine the next time (which happens quite a bit), so I only want it to send an alert if it has a connection issue lets say 5 times in a row.

I've tried using a catch node with the email node being the monitored node, followed by a node-red-contrib-timed-counter node which I then set to a few seconds more than the number of times I want it to fail before notifying me. Then I pass that into a function node which checks if msg.count == 5 and if so, returns msg (that could be completely incorrect logically, I'm not sure).

So, for example, if I check the email every 10 seconds, I set the timed counter to 55 seconds, and if it counts to 5 (5 failed checks in a row), then I want it to satisfy the condition in the function, and send me an alert.

My issue -- I can't even figure out how to get an error message from the email node. I've tried a debug node with msg.error and msg.status just to see if it will even give me a print out, but nothing.

How the heck do I monitor this email node???

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Have you tried pointing a status node at the email node?

Add a debug to the status node, set to show complete message & see what you get when it disconnects.

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This was perfect. I can access the error message now through msg.status.text and check if it's === "email.status.connecterror". Thank you!

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