Filtering a config object within a node that uses it

I have a config object that is used to store/select a list of different types of IoT devices. I also have a set of specific nodes for each type of IoT device

I would like to know, is it possible to filter the devices dropdown to only shows the devices that have a productId that is specific to the node that use it. This is to prevent the user selecting the wrong device type within the configuration of a particular node type.

e.g: openThings-pir.html contains:

<script type="text/javascript">
    RED.nodes.registerType('openThings-pir', {
        category: 'Energenie 314RT',
        color: '#de348c',
        defaults: {
            name: { value: "Motion Sensor" },
            device: { type: "openThings-device", required: true },

And openThings-device.html contains:

<script type="text/javascript">
    RED.nodes.registerType('openThings-device', {
        category: 'config',
        defaults: {
            name: { value: "MiHome Device" },
            productId: { required: true },
            product: { value: "Select device from dropdown", required: false },
            deviceId: { required: true },
            control: { value: "Unknown", required: false }

e.g. in my pir node I want to do is only display PIR devices in the dropdown (ie. ones that have a node-config-input-device-productId == 12 ). In my switch socket node i only want switch sockets, etc...

Hi @Achronite,
If I'm not mistaken the node->configNode link is a many-to-1 relation. So a node can have 1 config node, but a single config node can be shared across multiple nodes. If I am correct, that would be a problem for your setup?
I have always thought that a node can get access to a config node, but not the other way around (since it can be shared between multiple nodes). But I can be mistaken...

Hi @BartButenaers I don't believe that I am trying to do anything unusual in selecting which config applies to the node. I just want the list of configs to be filtered first, so that only the config items that apply can be selected from the dropdown. So in the example below I don't want the option to select the Motion Sensor, I only want the Radiator Valves to be shown.


As it stands, there's no way to filter that list.

But I can see the value in being able to do so. Have added an item to the backlog for this.