Find my iphone node not working

Dear all,
I have an idea to track all location I visited.
I founf find my iphone node ( which is working exactly that by utilising icloud.
I created flow shown in the bellow diagram, bot somehow it is not working. The status is "getting device data". I even get an email from apple, that connection was successful. What am I doing wrong?

I wasn't aware that this was even possible, but it works for me, the device name should be set and match the device name that was set under settings > general > about. Then it will produce objects per device that is available in find my iphone.

Dear bakman2,
Thank you for your reply. I have the same string that I have under name: Rok's iPhone, but nevertheless I don't get anything on debug msg.payload. Should i specify anything specifically.
Regards, Rok

Do you have 2fa enabled?

No I don't. If I have 2fa enabled, than I get a popup on the phone and of course than I don't have an option to enter a token. That is why 2fa is disabled.
Maybe stupid question, do I have to specify antyhing special or is it ok to just put debug to get msg.payload?

Any idea? For those who managed to get it working, can you tell me, what specifically, you configured?

Well even with 2fa enabled (in my case) it works - perhaps it is even required (i have no idea).

Works for me as well at first try, all devices found, mails & sounds played on the devices as well

Check your configuration, maybe not correct?

If I enable 2fa, than I also get this screen, but when I confirm it, I get 6 digits code but unable to enter it anywhere. Any idea what I misconfigured?

I get those codes as well, I have no idea where to enter or to get rid of those pop-ups
This makes the whole thing pretty useless

I get the pop up in NR and a popup on my phone. When I acknowledge on the phone, the NR popup goes away and I just cancel the code popup on the phone.

My gripe is that the map doesn't show the phone, just the nearest big city to where I am.

At least it does ring the phone.

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