Unable to log in to apple ID using Apple Nodes


Anyone having this problem. Since Last week Apple Node in Nodered unable to log in using Apple id. Got this error message 401 - Not authorised.

A little more information would be helpful like
1 - the full name and version (you can get this by using the "Manage Palette" in the sidebar) of the node you are using
2 - what version of node-red and node.js (see the nr startup log)
3 - what version of macos are you running
4 - what device is NR running on and what OS and version is it using
5 - a copy of your flow

[EDIT: Note, If the node is node-red-contrib-apple-find-me, someone opened and issue on GitHub with the same issue five days ago. The author of the node is aware and thinks Apple may have made a change)

  1. Name: node-red-contrib-apple-find-me
  2. Ver Node-RED version: v3.0.2, Node.js version: v16.17.1
  3. ver of macro not sure
  4. Rasberry Pi VERSION="11 (bullseye)

Yes its the node-red-contrib-apple-find-me issue

Your going to need to wait till the nodes author comes up with a solution :pensive:

Uh the same problem on my side. First I thought there is something wrong on my side, but it is obvious there is a problem with a flow in connection with apple. I hope they will solve it.

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