FINS connect omron plc CS1G

I use node FINS to connect omron cs1g plc,but not work. error indicate "Error:timeout"

my plc ip is pc ip is

As you are using CS series PLC, you will probably need to add the PC IP and Node Number into the FINS/UDP "IP Address Table" since I suspect your subnet mask is too large for "Auto node number" to work.

Put the IP of PC into the IP Address Table, send to PLC then restart the card (or reset the PLC)

[quote="Steve-Mcl, post:2, topic:32532"]
dress Table" since I suspect

Thank you!

hello ,I want to know the this node(fins) use tcp or udp?

UDP - as per the read me...


This is a Node-RED node module to directly interface with OMRON PLCs over FINS Ethernet protocol. For now it only supports READ and WRITE operations over FINS UDP. Tested on CV, CS, CJ, NJ and NX PLCs (the ones with FINS support)

Hi I see from yuor deleted post you are unsing an ETN21 card.

I also note it is set for ETN11 mode.

It is a distant memory for me but I suspect ETN11 has maximum node number of 127

I recommend changing to NOT use ETN11 mode.

Thank you , I use etn21 card ,I have read data form plc.

Thank you for your replay again !

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