Omron CJ2M CPU33 Connected! Cannot read data

when i run the flow, it is connected to the plc but when i try to read data, timeout occur.
Anyone have encounter this issue? Your help is highly appreciated..

It is likely the FINS parameters are incorrect on the config node or your PLC or the PLC routing table.

Did you follow the info on the readme?

Also, read through the closed issues on github

If you still have an issue, let me know your PLC settings (IP address+subnet mask, TCP or UDP, port number, FINS Node Number setting on front dials, Routing table details AND a screenshot of the config node settings)

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You have protocol set incorrectly. Should be UDP

I want to read the D03552, 32bit and this error occur

32bit is 2 WORDs. You are only asking for 1 WORD

Did you change connection protocol to UDP?

For 32bit numbers, set the output to Buffer & use buffer parser to convert to 32bit.

I'm sure there is a demo in the import examples (CTRL+I)

Lastly, what are the node number dials on the front of the PLC set to? Show me a photo of the 2 node number dials.

i got this error when i change to udp, what do i need to set in the PLC side? i use CX one programmer

Is your version of fins node up to date?

I seem to remember a bug.

Also, what version of nodejs is on your node-red machine?

Steve, how can i find the node number?

Physical rotary dials on front of plc. Take photo. Show me.


his is the dial setup

You mode number is set incorrectly. It should be the same as the last octet of the IP address.

2 options...

  • change dials to read 0 B
  • Change PLC IP to a.b.c.10 to match current node number setting.

Then power off/on plc.

Ok i will try it, on production line..

Steve, i have already change the dials to 0B and still i cannot read data. I have observe also that when i Inject using the UDP connect error is occur see image below..but when i use TCP it tell that it is connected. What can i change in the PLC setting?

Do i need to change something in this setting?