Firefox connection lost "loop"

I recently setup a new Rpi with 64bit OS and latest node red. I copied over my flows and thought all was well :wink:

However I just noticed a problem in Firefox where “something” causes the lost connection popup, and it gets stuck in a loop reloading the page over and over.

1 or 2 manual refreshes of the browser stops this loop and everything seems OK, until I try to interact with it. If I change to another tab (any tab) it will sometimes go back into the loop.

I don’t see anything unusual in the browser console, and everything works fine on Chrome. I didn’t have this problem on the old Pi using the same flows.

Same problem if I start FF in safe mode.

I’m looking for some useful tips on how to debug this please.

Do you get the same issue in another browser?

Yes same problem in FF on another PC, also works fine in Edge....

So it works fine using edge, can you try with chrome?
How big is the flow and do you have any graphics in the dashboard?
If so, how much data and how frequent is it being sent to the dashboard?

Works OK in Chrome as I mentioned above, only a problem in FF, and on more than 1 PC.
Its a big flow, but worked ok on my old pi in FF :confounded:

Is it the dashboard or the editor this is happening in?

Is it the dashboard or the editor this is happening in?

dashboard only when using FF

I used to see something like that occasionally with older versions of the dashboard. Are you using the latest version?

yeah its a new build so everything is at latest versions

I have similar issue with FF. My CPU of board is ARM 7 32 bit.And OS is ubuntu_focal_desktop. But I have solved this problem after I updated everything.(apt update and upgrade, firefox updating, nodered updating)

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