Firefox not loading node-red web UI on LAN

Firefox browser just presented me with a blank page.
So I have just wasted two hrs of my life, restoring a RPI image and copying nodes. After the restored from backup and problem was still there it was then I discovered Edge works fine!

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Is the problem viewing the editor or dashboard or both?
Are Firefox and Edge running on the same computer? If so, after opening it in Edge does it still not open in Firefox?
What OS are you running on?
Did firefox work after reinstalling the Pi but with an empty flow?

I have the same problem. I'm running node-red on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ and on several BeagleBoneBlacks. Node-Red works fine with Google Chrome bun in Firefox neighter the palette nor the flows load. Only the Navbar showing the Node-Red logo is visible. No errors in log.

Is there a solution to this issue?

Hi @rubmay07 welcome to the forum.

Are chrome and firefox both running on the same device? What OS/hardware are you running the browsers on?
Does firefox not work with any of the node-red servers?

When you say no errors in the log do you mean the node-red server log or that in the Developer Console in the browser? If you mean node-red then look in the developer console.

Hi @Colin! Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, Chrome and Firefox are running on the same device. They are running on a WIN10 Notebook.
Firefox does not work with any of the node-red servers. It only shows the black Navbar with the Node-Red-Logo on the left. However, in Chrome after showing the Navbar the loading animation for both, the pallette and the flows appear and result in showing the complete usual node-red interface.

No errors are apperaring in the server-log and no errors are reportet in the developer console of the browser. Developer Console in Browser schows:

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 3.0.1
onMessage options
onMessage extension
Clean the cache of the scraper (new onComplete event)
Node-RED: 1.0.3
jQuery 3.4.1
jQuery UI 1.12.1
ACE 1.4.3
D3 3.0.3
Projects disabled

There were some problems with the early 1.0 versions of node red, I suggest you start by upgrading node red. You can use the pi upgrade script from the docs to do that.

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