Fix characters changed by template node


Im using a template node tu build an email body with some payload variables, like this:

<b>Date:</b> {{payload.0.fecha}}
Comentario1: {{payload.1.texto}}

It's coming good but when any of that values, in this case payload.1.texto, has any line break like <br> the output of the template node is changed to &lt;br&gt;, and the email only render the <br> that I have entered manually in the mustache template, but not the ones coming inside the payload.1.texto.

Any hint? thanks!

As described in the sidebar help of the Template node, you should use {{{ triple brackets }}} to avoid it escape HTML entities.

Thank you so much @knolleary , that was it. I tested that in a value that didn't has any
on it and I thought it wasnt doing anything, but it was just the wrong place to test it :), many thanks!

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