✨ FlexDash alpha release - round 3

3 Jan 14:16:23 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash plugin version 0.4.132
3 Jan 14:16:24 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash version 0.4.132
3 Jan 14:16:24 - [info] Node-RED FD Core Widgets version 0.4.61
3 Jan 14:16:24 - [info] FlexDash UI version 0.4.83
Node red works on WIN10

Hi, I have the same problem: I see that since the last update I cannot send on the graph the values that I receive as I go along.

  • here is what I pass to the Time plot node:
payload: array[2]
0: 1672754135.816
1: 18.1
labels: array[1]
0: "temp"
  • the result:

  • So I figured I'm not sending a full array of values and tried the provided example Time-wind-plots:


  • result: there is nothing!?

NOTE: I cleared the browser cache and restarted Node Red

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It would really help if you could post a simple repro flow. Then I can import it here, see the problem, and send you a fix or work-around.

Did you look for errors in the debug pane, the Node-RED log, and the browser console?


3 Jan 14:33:00 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash plugin version 0.4.134                   
3 Jan 14:33:02 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash version 0.4.134                          
3 Jan 14:33:02 - [info] Node-RED FD Core Widgets version 0.4.64                    
3 Jan 14:33:04 - [info] FlexDash UI version 0.4.84                                 

This release has a few minor fixes:

  • Syntax highlighting in code editor for custom widget
  • Partially fix dynamic Custom Widget title changes (msg.title)
  • Fix issue where reloading flow editor causes edits made in FlexDash to reappear (nodes immediately show a blue dot)
  • Add validation of payload for TimePlot widgets, e.g. checking that the right number of series are included in all data points. Issues generate warnings in the debug panel.

New Issues:

  • The custom widget title is not fully fixed. Specifically, the title is always handled by the FlexDash wrapper and the widget cannot receive a title prop. To draw the title in the widget itself, set the title to null or empty string in the Config panel and use a prop with a different name, like heading.

FlexDash 2023 :dash:

3 Jan 14:33:00 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash plugin version 0.4.134                   
3 Jan 14:33:02 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash version 0.4.134                          
3 Jan 14:33:02 - [info] Node-RED FD Core Widgets version 0.4.64                    
3 Jan 14:33:04 - [info] FlexDash UI version 0.4.84

With the latest update everything is back to normal. My flow and your flow example Time-wind-plots :ok_hand:

Nice !

However, I note error messages when starting NodeRed:

FD e8f5aea52ab49500 dashboard "FlexDash"
   fef6c0f6d48841d6   flexdash tab "Demo"
   05410bf511c13d8c   flexdash tab "Weather"
FD fef6c0f6d48841d6 tab "Demo" fd=e8f5aea52ab49500
   69c2e3f5798c3475   flexdash container "Demo grid"
FD 69c2e3f5798c3475 StdGrid "Demo grid" tab=fef6c0f6d48841d6
   97e34cb72c2f36bd   fd-date-time "Flow started at"
   7ed8a11dd4aafe57   fd-time-plot "Time Plot"
   3e33a829bba2e887   fd-number-field "maisonTemp"
FD 05410bf511c13d8c tab "Weather" fd=e8f5aea52ab49500
   8b9644722981282e   flexdash container "Weather"
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 6916febb69369323 is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 754b848b6afed702 is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 2876ba66ff2679bb is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 43aefa2fadb84bae is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 7c544937f1551351 is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming a740e629dee0d44b is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming dbdb33e6290c28b1 is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming ca21852cd51c24f5 is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 0d31953fbe4bf5da is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 403cac5059d3b463 is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 6149f97eab3c8c6b is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming d1cbbc0e8b5f919d is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 63f87178b139ec44 is deleted
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Assuming 8c1d238354e035f9 is deleted
FD 8b9644722981282e StdGrid "Weather" tab=05410bf511c13d8c
   6916febb69369323   missing node config
   754b848b6afed702   missing node config
   2876ba66ff2679bb   missing node config
   43aefa2fadb84bae   missing node config
   7c544937f1551351   missing node config
   a740e629dee0d44b   missing node config
   dbdb33e6290c28b1   missing node config
   ca21852cd51c24f5   missing node config
   0d31953fbe4bf5da   missing node config
   403cac5059d3b463   missing node config
   6149f97eab3c8c6b   missing node config
   d1cbbc0e8b5f919d   missing node config
   63f87178b139ec44   missing node config
   8c1d238354e035f9   missing node config
   f2976d9ef12a2927   fd-time-plot-raw "weather table"
4 Jan 12:34:12 - [info] Started flows

When I look for node 6916febb69369323 "missing node config" I don't see anything abnormal. If it can help you for other debugging.
Once again nice work. :clap:

Good news! Would have been good to find out what went wrong, but if it doesn't recur...

No worries, they're info messages about deleted nodes for which the FlexDash plugin still has positioning info. This stuff will go away with the changes I'm making.


'been quiet here for a bit, but that doesn't mean nothing is happening... Here's the upcoming editing of a grid container right in the flow editor:


At some point I'll get a real preview of the widgets instead of just their labels but that's going to take some FlexDash code reorg.


Looking good :grinning:

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Super Like.

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Yes I can confirm that.
I have slowed down the developments from Thorsten a bit. But he is all yours again guys :wink:


Brilliant! I'm looking forward to this rolling out.


Don't tell me!..................... node-red-fd-svg node

I shouldn't make too much advertisement about that. As you can see it is purely experimental stuff.
So for people reading about this: there is no planning when this will become available.
You know that great expectations result in great disappointments :wink:


Is there a way of inserting line breaks in the FD text view node?
Possibly allowing the input to be HTML/Markdown coded?
Currently, being a string input, words are split making reading a little more difficult.


[{"id":"ec451e0100348867","type":"inject","z":"1543d308b342690a","name":"","props":[{"p":"payload"},{"p":"topic","vt":"str"}],"repeat":"","crontab":"","once":false,"onceDelay":0.1,"topic":"","payload":"Tonight will be largely dry, clearer and cold, with wintry showers in Scotland largely easing.","payloadType":"str","x":565,"y":1790,"wires":[["786492446d842498"]]},{"id":"786492446d842498","type":"fd-text-view","z":"1543d308b342690a","fd_container":"2fa703121bdc84d2","fd_cols":"2","fd_rows":"2","fd_array":false,"fd_array_max":10,"fd_output_topic":"","fd_loopback":false,"name":"","title":"Text View","popup_info":"","text":"","editable":false,"wrap":true,"autoscroll":false,"x":760,"y":1790,"wires":[[]]},{"id":"2fa703121bdc84d2","type":"flexdash container","name":"Examples grid","kind":"StdGrid","fd_children":",dc6f6a921f8e0373,a4623324bfd1fd22,6149f97eab3c8c6b,786492446d842498","title":"Examples","tab":"6dfcd673f5649409","min_cols":"1","max_cols":"20","unicast":"disallow","parent":"","solid":false,"cols":"1","rows":"1"},{"id":"6dfcd673f5649409","type":"flexdash tab","name":"Examples","icon":"mdi-view-dashboard","title":"Example flows","fd_children":",2fa703121bdc84d2","fd":"e8f5aea52ab49500"}]
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I recommend you try the markdown node. Warning: it's a very hacky/simplified markdown implementation. I need to do another round of looking for a decent implementation that isn't huge.

The text view is really geared towards fixed-width log files and similar stuff, hence the terminal-like wrapping.

Let me know if you need more!

OMG! the markdown node was hiding in plain sight!

One question pls, the text is being generated in a function node, and is passed into the markdown node as a string via msg payload. I'm not sure how to start a new line.
Your comments say;

  • paragraphs separated by an empty line

How do you add a new line within a string?
I've tried adding 2 trailing spaces, the escape sequence /n & /r, and also the HTML tags <br> & <p> but can't get it to break into a new line.
I'm probably missing something obvious (again!)

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Function node input:

return { payload: `
# Testing markdown

This is one paragraph with many many many many words
that goes on for ever and ever and ever.

This is a second paragraph.


Trying again


As you may notice, "there's room for improvement"...

  • the paragraphs should have a little bit of space between them
  • the whole thing should be top-aligned and not vertically centered
  • would be nice to have a "dense/spacious" toggle

I got the extra blank line by putting a unicode non-breaking space on its own line (if you select carefully you'll see that there's an extra char in the middle blank line before the "trying again".

Hope this works for you for now.

BTW, the escape for a newline is \n.

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Thanks Thorsten. First time I've encountered template literals (except for pasting code in the forum), so it's been a learning step for me :smiley:

If anyone else is equally unfamiliar with template literals, a little googling tells me that variables can also be inserted like this example;

let temp = 26
let humidity = 38

return { payload: `
The temperature is ${temp}°C, and the humidity is ${humidity}% \n
But not quite yet, wait till June!


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Could you also add that the Title style attribute is not consistent with other widgets.


The FD markdown widget appears to apply the style font-weight-bold to the Title, whereas other widgets don't.

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New release day! This is an exciting release but it doesn't really add a whole lot of fixes or new features. It contains completely rewritten flow-editor templates for components, tabs, and dashboard that allow reordering of child elements in the flow editor. What this means is that I'm ready to turn off editing in FlexDash itself! I haven't done that so it's still available in case I messed something up. There's a lot of new stuff under the hood so I'm curious how many bumps we're going to run into :face_with_peeking_eye:
I tested what I could but really appreciate some help testing the configuration of grids, tabs, and the dashboard in the flow editor!

21 Jan 23:19:39 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash plugin version 0.4.142            
21 Jan 23:19:41 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash version 0.4.142                   
21 Jan 23:19:41 - [info] Node-RED FD Core Widgets version 0.4.63             
21 Jan 23:19:43 - [info] FlexDash UI version 0.4.88                          


  • TimelinePlot: emit event even if labels is null
  • Markdown: add spacing between paragraphs, fix bold title
  • Dashboard: delay showing progress bar a fraction of a second

New Grid/Panel contents sorter:

New tab/dashboard contents corter:




Just before I update, I've noticed your startup log in your last post...

Your startup shows Core Widgets at v0.4.63
But my install shows v0.4.64 already, and I haven't updated yet, so I assume that you are still using the older version.

22 Jan 09:42:24 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash plugin version 0.4.134
22 Jan 09:42:26 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash version 0.4.134
22 Jan 09:42:26 - [info] Node-RED FD Core Widgets version 0.4.64
22 Jan 09:42:32 - [info] FlexDash UI version 0.4.84

After updating, tried the layout feature - very nice :smiley:, and mostly everything remains working OK.
The paragraph spacing has reduced the amount of text that I can now display in the markdown node, so I'll need to sort that (space is a premium!!)
I thought that \n would just give a new line, not a new paragraph with spacing?

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