FlexDash : edit container node

@tve I resume the following:

27 Jun 12:49:08 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash plugin version 0.4.154
27 Jun 12:49:09 - [info] Node-RED FlexDash version 0.4.154
27 Jun 12:49:09 - [info] Node-RED FD Core Widgets version 0.4.64
27 Jun 12:49:10 - [info] FlexDash UI version 0.4.90

I would like to move the widgets on the grid but it does not lock where I place it.
Did I miss a setting? Or is it something new to develop? :slight_smile:


The HTML grid layout doesn't let you move a widget into an arbitrary spot. They're packed from top-left across the row, then down to the next row, except for the "auto-fill" setting, which can move smaller widgets "forward" if there are gaps due to larger widgets.
If you're just trying to move the widget to the end, move it onto the last widget (#7).

Is this something that can be improved in a future update or is it lost forever?

The fix would be to create spacer widgets that use up the space in-between. You can get close by adding a label widget and making it empty, but that will show the widget outline.

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