Flexible wireless logon, like espeasy on Arduino


I've recently used espeasy (firmware for an Arduino-like board with WiFi) and it has a great facility - if it can log-on to a wireless access point (AP), using saved credentials, it will. If it can't, it throws up its own AP on a known IP ( The webpage on that IP lists all the scanned SSIDs. A user can then select which SSID to log onto and provide the password. On submitting the form, the esp board logs into the SSID and stores the login credentials.

I would like to emulate this behaviour on a Pi Zero W - I can scan all local SSIDs, using an imported WiFi Scanner Node in Node-Red and I get back an array of SSID objects but I'm unclear what to do now - I thought populating a dropdown in the dashboard might be a way through but I don't understand how to achieve that. I looked at using JSONata to thin out the object array into a single object, containing just the SSIDs and use that but I don't know if that would be a good approach.

Any advice on a sensible architecture (or even the feasibility of my aspiration) would be very useful

Thanks in advance.