WIFI SSID and pass set up via dashboard on RPI

Hi Team,

I have an application runnning nicely now ( thanks for some mammbers in here ) I have the data I wan't on my dash board but I have hit an other problem. If i deploy my system under an other network i need to set up the WIFI on the RPI logining in with SSH or using the dasktop to be able to use the internet connection. Is there a way to create a form on the dashboard that would ask for the SSID and PASS and would send it to the RPI to set up the WIFI connection?


There are RPiOS desktop and command line tools for setting up wifi.
Why do you want to do it through Node-red?

But yes, it should be possible with the exec nodes and command line tools, if the Raspberry has a screen and keyboard connected.

I want to use touch screen in kiosk mode on a boot, so ther would be no option to set up WIFI for a "user" but throough the dashboard would be ideal

I think the only solution is to use exec nodes to do what you want (or file in/out to configure the appropriate files).

You can probably obtain a list of available access points with this

sudo iwlist wlan0 scanning | grep ESSID | tr -d " " | sort | uniq

And to add a network to wpa_supplicant.conf perhaps something like this

cat | sudo tee -a /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf  <<- !
ssid: "wibble"
password: "password1"

I think it's possible to run that via an exec node but it's not easy. It's not pretty either.
It will only work for straightforward wireless networks too.

RPiOS Bullseye offers some different network management options. There might be a more elegant solution now.

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