Flow editor strange behavior


Recently, I noticed that when I select the debug window, and it is blank, then send a message, the entire flow editor screen collapses vertically. Leaving about an inch of space with everything crammed into that space. See attached before and after. This occurs on two computers running the same W10 updated OS using the same Chrome browser. Node Red is installed on RPi3. This does not happen with EDGE. Reinstalled Chrome, no change.
If I just remember to go to the debug mode after a message or two has been sent, I don't have that problem.
I am brand new at this only learning from the various tutorials out there. What have I missed?


Sharing what version of Node-RED you are using? :slight_smile:


As I am really new to this, I was hoping that the script from the NR website would have provided me with the current version. At any rate, what I have is V0.19.5. Is that the latest?


Yes. That is the current release version.
( as of Feb 2019)


But without you stating the version it could have been an issue in an older version that might have been fixed,


Understand fully. I have a little more info that may or may not help. I first started with NR about two months ago using it to control these sonoff switches that I had flashed to run on my home server. I thought it was neat that I could run them by pushing the buttons that I had put on the dashboard. And even neater that I could run them from my phone. And neater still after I got this ESP8266 and MQTT working. But I just verified that all these methods cause this issue when I select the debug mode on the PC editor screen and that the debug window is empty having just been cleared. I also just confirmed that simply putting my cursor in the URL bar of the browser and hitting return will cause a reset of the window. That is a lot easier than having to restart things from scratch.
None of this is terribly important to me at this time, I just have to remember my own procedure. I am on the wrong side of 80 and this stuff was just supposed to keep me occupied!!! Has it ever!!!
Thanks for listening...


It is very strange that no-one else has seen this symptom.


Yes - first report of this... not sure how we can re-create.


I have a personal workaround but just thought it interesting. I verified it on my other computer. But I also verified that it does not occur using EDGE on either computer. For now I am moving on. Thanks for listening