Flow is not loading after project copied to another pc

I would like to copy my app with embedded node-red to another pc, but when I start the app on the new pc node-red is not loading my flows. Everything is loading perfectly, I have all the installed community nodes in the palette. Also I have my original flows_DESKTOP-CF323HT.json file in the folder, but node-red ignores it and creates a new empty flows_DESKTOP-B521B7T.json file and starting up with the empty flow.
I know that you can import flows via the editor, but thats not what I am looking for.
I just want to send a zip file with the entire app and than run it on the new pc.

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unless you specify the flow on the command line or set it in settings.js it attempts to load flows_HOSTNAME.json

You have 4 choices...

  • rename the Pc
  • rename the flows
  • specify flow file on command line
  • edit settings.js
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Thank you. It works! :exploding_head:

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