Flow library - Flow doesn't show data-score and data-download at time to sort by rating and download respectively

At time to sort by "rating" or "download" a flow, this doesn't show the rating (data-score) and download (data-download) information as Node does. Also, the sort is the same for "rating" and "downloads", in base of what this sort is done? why does the sort for download and rating is the exactly the same output?, where can I open a ticket to add "score" and "download" information to flow?

Are you talking about the flows library on this site, the one that shows when you click “flows” in the header bar above?

As for downloads, that information is retrieved from NPM for the nodes. For the flows the amount of downloads will always be unknown. To download you have to copy the text on the page. At best it will know how many people have clicked that flow page.

I'm talking about this:

Hi Gloria, that thing is indeed called the flows library. I’m going to rename your post to reflect that, so others understand what your question is about :slight_smile:


Yes, I'm talking about this:

If the download will always be unknown probably should be removed as it could be confusing, however a time to sort by "download" it is sorted somehow, not sure which is the parameter for this.

What about the sort by"rating"? does the score can be known for flows? if not (the same as download) the probably could be removed too.

I think the easiest way to open a ticket is by bringing it under the attention of the main developers, like this @knolleary @dceejay something to think about? :stuck_out_tongue:

No need - well aware of some of the inconsistencies between nodes and flows. A few background tasks going on to resolve them.

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Do you know when this change will be reflected?

Thanks @afelix

No. It'll be done when it's done. Do you have a pressing need to see it resolved? It has been like this for a year or two.

We display that information as well and that issue was reported by our testing team too, so we depend to node red site so we can display the correct information. Is there any ticket where I can track this task?

See https://trello.com/c/s98wgdbz/30-flow-library-ui


Who is "we"? Where are you displaying the information? Are you scraping the data from our site? I have noticed in the logs that someone is scraping the data - which puts unreasonable load on the server and I've been looking at mitigations against that.

I'd prefer you spoke to us before you started doing anything like that - there are no published apis for the data and there are a number of changes coming very soon to the underlying apis which will likely break anyone who has reverse engineered the site to scrape the data.

There is no specific ticket for the work I'm doing, but if you can share more information about what your dependency on the site actually is we can discuss further.

The trello item Paul has linked to is unrelated.

I don't scrap in your data, I suggest you investigate more after suppose and do statements like this: "I'd prefer you spoke to us before you started doing anything like that". I, as client and as everybody, read the data showed under flow and node library, only read, which by now is inconsistent (flow) and that's why I open this thread to improve Node red stuffs.

Hi @gloria

The logs show someone is calling the rest api the site uses internally to page through all 150+ pages of results with alarming regularity and consistency. It looks like an automated scraping process rather than someone manually clicking through.

I based my comments on your own statement:

We display that information as well and that issue was reported by our testing team too,

I took from that you were scraping the data and displaying it. If that is not the case, then I apologise for the misunderstanding.

I am still interesting to learn more about who the "we" is and why you have a test team using the website. That's more because I'm always keen to learn more about our users - particularly companies and organisations who have taken an interest in Node-RED. But we can take that part out of this thread if you'd prefer.