`flow` object undefined when calling 'handleStatus'

Hello, I'm having trouble with some custom nodes. I've installed a few that used to work after noticing the error with a new one, but the issue persists and it seems to be upstream with some of my dependencies. When I start my server with node index.js I receive this error against custom node instances:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'handleStatus')

I've tried wrapping invocations of the handleStatus function in try/catches to find out which one is being triggered, but no additional errors are logged to the console.

This method is part of the flow object upstream and the error occurs on loading the server and during deploy - so, when the flow is updated. I'm not sure how I can trace the error further. Is anyone able to help me out? Thank you

@knolleary I don't suppose you know how I can begin to debug this?

This command does not start node-red.
Could you please post the messages node-red debugs to the console when it starts, e.g. after a node-red-start. There should be a stacktrace giving some hints...

Apologies, I should've said that I've embedded node-red into an an express app following the instructions: Embedding into an existing app : Node-RED. I'll update this message shortly with the logs

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