Flow runs at midnight, but should not

I built a simple api grabber that can run every 10 minutes between 7 AM and 8PM and email me if there is a status change.

For some reason, it kicked off last night at midnight. I'm not really sure what I did wrong. Is there a "run all nodes" at midnight setting or something? I have it installed from the official docker.

Does it run every midnight? If not how often does it run at midnight or don't you know yet.

You could use something like node-red-contrib-flogger to log events from the inject node - see if it is triggering unexpectedly.

Also, as an alternative to the inject node you could setup something like cron-plus...

to do your scheduled events.

I got the flogger thing setup, what a neat little node.

The first thing I saw was times not lining up between docker and node-red.

2021/03/09 12:10:00 INFO [msg.payload] 1615291800009
2021/03/09 12:20:00 INFO [msg.payload] 1615292400009
2021/03/09 12:30:00 INFO [msg.payload] 1615293000005
2021/03/09 12:40:00 INFO [msg.payload] 1615293600004

These were from 6:10, 6:20, so on.

I find an article to map /etc/localtime and /etc/timezone into the docker.

I'll monitor and see if that's all it was.

Okay so now it's great!

2021/03/09 12:40:00 INFO [msg.payload] 1615293600004
2021/03/09 07:00:00 INFO [msg.payload] 1615294800003
2021/03/09 07:10:00 INFO [msg.payload] 1615295400003

Glad it was something simple, thanks for the tip about flogger, that could have been a headache.

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