Flow Security, If, then How can it be done?

Node-RED Development Team:

Within Node-RED, I would like to create a base system with a few flows that are not accessible for Technicians, but available for Engineering. These flows logic are to host the UI and functions, configuration flows, and those that otherwise should not be changed. Can it be possible to assign flow tabs a password or otherwise login level permission? Or do I just give the whole environment the same level of access?

Thank you

Currently, it is really pretty much all or nothing.

You might want to look at running multiple instances of Node-RED, each with its own security then link them together via MQTT, TCP, HTTP, etc.

Login level permission can be configured as explained in the docs. You can configure different users in AdminAuth in the settings file and assign them different permissions (read-only or all). However is like Julian said, this is not configurable per TAB. It is all or nothing.

I would like to submit this as a FEATURE REQUEST.
Tab Permissions to tighten security on the Flow Tab level.

SHOW/HIDE or FILTER FLow Display ... with Permissions, or some means.

@TotallyInformation and @Andrei, Thank you both for your comments.

@TotallyInformation, The main display and configuration system pages (system 1) with the flows should comprise the base system. The configuration can be conveyed via an xml file to host configuration changes made by system 1 to the channel system (system 2). There are channels which connect to devices which could be on the lower security level. Each channel data should be conveyed to the main display instance and update the page via MQTT. This is certainly something to think about. Thank you for your advice.

If I had a means to filter flows by a default setting, name, function, or other, this would be helpful and allow for organization of flows. This may be something worth the development team to look at for a new and useful feature. Maybe by "permission" is not necessary.

You can filter and organize nodes, why not your flows?

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