Flow stopped due to missing node type

I'm just getting started with node-red.
I deployed some nodes using node-red contrib-particle and they worked OK.
Some hours later I got a message :
Flow stopped due to missing node type.

Could I get some help on that.

Where are you running Node-RED? The only way you would get that message is if your flows contain a node you don't have installed.
If you did have it installed, but sometime later you get that message then the node had somehow come to be uninstalled and Node-RED restarted.

Hi, Thanks for the answer.
Node red is running on a Laptop with Win 7 sp1.
I downloaded the msi file from nodejs.org.
I installed node-red and dependencies .
After that, I run command to install node-contrib-particle which has 6 nodes.
Everything worked OK for some hours.
I noticed that just one node was not available for install, it was particle.cloud.
So, 5 out the 6 has been installed.
I hope this info lead you to some help to help me with that.