Flow stopped due to missing node types. npm

Rebooted my Windows computer and was met with this when restarting.

I have seen this error before with other nodes and you can usually install them and get running again, but this time I am stumped.... How can npm be missing?
What do I need to install to get running again?


Doing npm -v shows 7.9.0
I think that means its installed, so how can it be missing?

This is not referring to the npm command line tool.

This means your flows have a node of type 'npm' in - and the runtime cannot find the module that provides that node type.

Checking the flow library I see the module node-red-contrib-npm (node) - Node-RED provides that node.

You could search your flows for npm to see where that node is (or possibly search for unknown). If it is a node you flows are actively using, then you'll need to install the node-red-contrib-npm module in the usual way, then restart Node-RED.

If it isn't a node you are actively using, then delete it and hit deploy to restart your flows.

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Thanks so much for helping there Nick. The site was down and the avgeeks were getting cranky!

I installed that node and we are back up and running. I just need to track down how/why that node is being used.
The error sure had me miss-directed.

Thanks again for answering and helping out so quick.

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