Flow with two magnet sensors controlling if a heater is allowed to run or not

i have one magnet sensor for each entry to my garage, and i have a backup heater fan, i would like to create a flow that basically does the following "when one of the doors are open a plug that controlls the heater should turn off, and when both doors are closed again i want the heater to start again"

ask more if i havent explaned enough what i want to achieve with the flow.

im still in the phase that i dont really understand what things do what in node-red.

So where have you got to so far?

Can we assume that you understand that you need a magnetic door sensor capable of either directly feeding a signal somewhere or that you can connect via an Arduino or ESP microprocessor device?

Similarly, you need a remote controlled plug that can be controlled from Node-RED.

The rest is some fairly simple logic written as a Node-RED flow. AKA "the easy bit" :slight_smile:

So the first task is to chose what kind of IoT standard you want to use. Zigbee is a great choice. WiFi also pretty good. Old fashioned 433MHz (or your local equivalent depending on where you are in the world) can also work. Or even wired connections. Node-RED is very good at connecting these things together.

Let us know what you think.

sorry i always kinda forget that node red isnt ALWAYS associated with Home assistant, but in my case it is, i have every device i need in home assistant already, basically from my understanding i should be able to tell the plug "one of the doors are open, dont start the heater now" and then "activate plug and start the heater connected to it"

i just dont know what nodes to use etc.

did a test with the "events: state" node and managed to get some info to a debug node, but then im stuck basically.

If I understand correctly you want the heater ON if both doors are closed, and OFF otherwise. If that is it then you could use node-red-contrib-boolean-logic-ultimate to do the logic.

Yes, that's basically it, I will try it out when I get to the the computer.

Thank you

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