Flowchain Champions - Welcome to the Playground

Hey everyone,

Following up to my previous introduction post, I'm happy once more to share this video demonstrating the Playground features.

Take a quick peek overview into the features of the Playground and all the possibilities they bring. Create better recipes and tutorials for your flows and modules, with seamless flow example importing and module installations. Start learning Node-RED by playing objectives and solving tasks, complete and earn all their rewards. Kickstart your development with the Fabricator tool to generate boilerplate code for your nodes.

I hope you find these useful and enjoy them!
Ī—ave a nice day :slight_smile:


I have to admit I found the video ran way too fast to follow without continually stoping and backing up to try to understand what you were doing.

Sorry, but I stopped watching it.

Try it at 1/2 speed - almost useable

But yes agree - the music is annoying whilst trying to understand the non-native english speaker and the speed is way to fast

Possibly an intro/overview of what you are going to take people through would be useful.


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So sorry to hear that, this was meant as a quick overview of the all gamification server's features.
I'm planning on creating videos focused on each feature with more details (and slower speed :sweat_smile:), so that I can showcase better what each one does!

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