FlowForge Agent

I'm testing flowforge

Could someone guide me how the flowforge agent works?

I installed the npm package and would like to know if it runs as a service?

If I reboot the device does it connect again?

And how does the issue of global persistent variables work?

Do I have some that are set to local text storage? Does this continue?

No. Not by default.

If it is set to run on start up yes.

If you're running the latest version of flowforge and the agent, Your projects will have access to two context stores - memory & persistent.

These context stores are relative to where they are running. For example, when the project is running on a device, it uses the devices, memory, and file system.

I use this file, but was not working

when i call the command manually it works.

Any ideas?


Do you actually have a user named pi?

The sample service expects you to use a service account with all the necessary permissions to access the opt/flowforge-device directory & any necessary Comms port permissions that you want the node-red project on the device to use.

I change this user.

You shouldn't run as root. Also, does your OS have a group named pi?

I confess to you that I'm a little lost.

I have limited knowledge of linux.

Do you have any suggestions to help me?

Only the github walkthrough can't help me.

Hi @allacmc I'm certain by now you got past this.

If not, please shout up and I will help you get going in no time.

If so, would you mind telling what your difficulties were? It will help us improve our docs.


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