Flowforge device omit node red code?

I would like to know if the flowforge agent omits the node-red code.

I'll explain the situation:

I have a system developed in NODE-RED, this system will run on remote servers. But I would like the IT team to have access to this server.

But I would not like to have access to the NODE-RED code (system source code). As a matter of intellectual property.

In the case in question, is the flow-forgeagent omitting this executed code?

Remembering that in my case I need the execution to be on an offline server (It cannot depend on the internet on the server).

@knolleary @Steve-Mcl

The Device Agent pulls down the Node-RED flow configuration from the platform and stores it on the local disk of the device. It then runs Node-RED using that saved copy of the flows. This is how it is able to run Node-RED even if the internet connection back to the platform is unavailable.

Anyone with command-line access to the device will have access to the flow configuration.

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