Hide node-red code or use flow-forge

I'm developing an application where I'll need to ask the client for a physical server/pc(I need services: mosquitto, mariadb, phpmyadmin, apache e etc), ande other considering that where I'm going to install it doesn't have internet.

The IT professional who will make this PC/Server available to me would not want him to have access to the source code of my system. Because he could end up copying and pirating that system.

Is there any way to compile and/or hide the node-red source code delivered to the client?

I even used the founders' flow-forge system.

Which does the versioning and delivers only the system execution.

I found this solution excellent but after some tests I understood that the machine needs to have constant access to the internet.

I tried the cache issue... but to no avail.

But even if I manage to use the cache, the question remains: In this case, would my client not have access to the code?

I would be very happy if someone from the flow-forge team answers this question.

@knolleary @Steve-Mcl @robmarcer

I tag you because it would be lovely for you to answer me.

I'm in no hurry.

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