Flowforge plugin doesn't work

Flowforge plugin doesn't work.

I installed @flowforge/nr-tools-plugin and it can't find my FlowForge instance in the cloud. So I can make a snapshot.

The server has internet access and is connected to the account perfectly.


Are there any errors in the log?

Can I get you to raise an issue here: GitHub - flowforge/flowforge-nr-tools-plugin: A Node-RED Plugin that allows you to interact with a FlowForge platform from within your local Node-RED. and I'll investigate

I don't have log's generated by node red so we can verify this.

Maybe the plugin deserves an update. To generate these logs.

unless they're somewhere I can't see them.

I ask for some attention on the question of the support team related to the Flowforge product.

I really admire you and your work. And I'm trying to use flowforge cloud version with you and I always have difficulties.

Right now I'm going to test the delivery of the version with a cached version. I need this to work.

@allacmc I have recreated the issue locally. I'll update here when a fix is available, but it may be Monday or Tuesday before that is the case.

The plugin serves to facilitate the import.

I went there and did it by hand.

But it's good that the plugin works because I'm going to use it a lot.

I need to have local tests. And go up to the Flowforge.


Does this log help in anything?

That is a log from the device agent, which is not related to the nr-tools plugin.

I have identified the issue you are hitting. As I mentioned, I'll update here when a fix is available.

@allacmc we have just deployed a fix to FlowForge Cloud and confirmed the NR Tools Plugin is working again.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

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I would like to thank you and say that I have already tested it here.

And it's working perfectly!

Congratulations to the Flowforge team, it's a 10.

The product is excellent and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to build professional projects based on node-red.


It's working perfect!!

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