Flowforge core node Errors


I am migrating a 3-5 Node RED instance architecture over to flowforge.
Previously using task manager to schedule the instances on system start up :face_vomiting:

Generally its going great, and are evaluating Non EE.

With that in mind

I get the error with nr-project-nodes but not so sure why nr-file-nodes is kicking up a fuss?

  • Server 2016
  • Installed via standard (documented) methods
  • NPM @ 9.3.1
  • Node @ 18.14.0
  • Node RED @ 3.0.2

I'm putting it here, as I'm not sure if the answer maybe "its expected with Non EE"
if not - I'll happily raise the issue on GitHub.

Cheers init!

Hi @marcus-j-davies

If you aren't running with an EE license, then the project nodes are not available - so that is the expected error message.

The File Nodes are a little different. We provide drop-in replacements for the core file nodes when running in a cloud environment without a persistent filesystem. They write to a file store service that is part of the platform. To enable them, you have to disable the core file nodes in your project template.

If you are running using the local install (rather than docker/k8s) then the file nodes aren't as meaningful - you can use the normal file nodes as they have direct access to your file system.

Details here: Docs • FlowForge

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Hi @knolleary

The nr-project-nodes I was expecting to error out - just wasn't sure of the file nodes.

thanks for clearing it up. :+1:

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