Flows on server have been updated

I keep getting this message when i am editing flows. however, i am confident there are no other editor sessions open anywhere, i keep re-starting the node-red service to get this message cleared.

I sometimes get this same message, even if i have just opened editor and did nothing.

Node red is running as a windows service, and I usually edit the flows from a remote computer.

Node-red V 2.1.4

When i click the REVIEW CHANGES button, i get this report.


w and h value show as 'undefined'

what could be the reason ?

to check if GROUPING has something to do with it. I un-grouped all of them in the entire flow and tested, still gives the same message after sometime

Have you checked the Node-RED logs when you get that message? It can't just happen by itself - something must be triggering it.

i wanted to ask, how do i check the logs if node-red is running as a windows service ?

Unless you redirect console to a file or use the stdout/error logging facilities of NSSM, windows doesn't log console output.

Alternatively, you could run node-red under PM2 as that provides logging.

How did you create a service for node-red?

by checking this link, i don't fully understand what i did exactly, but followed all the instructions here.

Ok, so you are using NSSM. You need to reconfigure it.

cd c:\temp
nssm edit Node-RED

That should do it :point_up:

Look through the nssm tabs and setup logging. I'd also recommend you enable log rotation.

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Thanks, I have done what you have asked, now waiting for that error to come up.... :crossed_fingers:

Also check the clock times on both computers are correct.

they do differ by few seconds, although they are on same network, time setting servers are different. does that matter ?

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